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Meli and Friends On The Beach

June 2003 will be remembered as the HOTTEST June ever.. no Mystery with my friends we tried to be at sea and on the beach as much as possible... Enjoy here some of the sights :) more are also in My Camera Art New page...

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Enjoying the FRESH water at Le Rocchette (GR)

On the left, Elisa, sister of Massy...
Ila's (on the right) boyfriend

Elisa with me...
Note my nose MORE than red from the sun ;)

me and my best friend :) nothing to add :)
beside she was the one choosin this beautiful location!!!!!

This is from Tirrenia, on Florence's Holiday Feast
and the lovely girl with me is Cristina, again a great Ila's idea for the day!

again, me and Ila.. note how I can't keep eye open
you can't imagine how many times Cri had to try the shot ;)

This was actually from Gallipoli in May....
But this shows you my usual "seas" in full ;)

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